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January 4, 2016


I recently saw this picture on Facebook, and I have to admit, it made me laugh.  I am the youngest child with only one older sibling, so their was never the middle child saga in our house.   But we all have heard the jokes and know the stereotypes:

Older ch...

September 21, 2015


     Guy’s, there is a huge epidemic sweeping through today’s church communities.  Teens are growing up in church, active and excited about serving God while in youth group.  Then they age out of youth group, and most of these teens are then leaving the...

September 7, 2015


    Have you ever seen the show America Ninja warrior?  I love this show.  If you have never seen the show, it is a reality show where people run through an overwhelmingly hard obstacle course that requires pure, brute strength and athleticism to get throu...

June 22, 2015


     Let me ask you a question.  If you got hit in the head and had a concussion, do you have someone you could call and ask to stay up with you to keep you awake?


            I can hear you saying, “Wow Jamie, w...

April 13, 2015



    Once upon a time, there were three aspiring leaders---two men and a woman. 


    Each one was about to experience one of the greatest challenges for young leaders: they were about to received unrequested correcti...

March 16, 2015



I remember the first time I sat at the table and watched my father run the transformer that would make this train come alive. With a push of a button, he would make the train go this way and that, backwards and forwards, whistle and when the engine got hot enough the...

June 1, 2014

           “Jamie, you need to share both sides of the issue if you’re going to minister to all men!”


            I felt God speak these words to me  when I was praying and asking Him what He wanted me to write about this mo...

May 31, 2014

            This month, I am going to do something I very, very rarely do.  I am going to discuss a particular tv show by name.  I usually refrain from doing this, because, as soon as I do, the show or movie does something or shows something inappropriate or wrong, and...

May 1, 2014

      Every once in a while, God will lay a message on my heart to share with my little brother’s in Christ, the guys 16-24 who are in the critical times in life when their actions and behaviors can make or break their future, especially if they are planning a life of...

March 3, 2014

           MY GENERATIONS' CEILING IS THE NEXT GENERATIONS FLOOR...A real man of God hopes the next generation goes above and beyond what he is doing and then does all he can to help them do it!!! Read on to see what we mean....

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