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Have you ever experienced repackaging in your spiritual life? What do I mean? Read on to find out!

            Have you ever had this experience?  You walk into your local grocery store to pick up some things you are running low on in your cupboards or maybe your spouse sent you to pick up.  You are in a hurry to get this chore done, so you quickly go through the aisles and grab what you need.  Then it happens.  You can’t find one certain item you are looking for.  You stand there and stare at the display for what seems like hours trying to find your trusted, favored brand, but you don’t see it anywhere. 


            Eventually a store employee walks past and you ask them for help.  Within seconds they point out your favorite item to you and you immediately realize why you couldn’t find it…they had completely redesigned the packaging!


            I don’t know about you, but this drives me insane!  Why can’t companies just leave things alone?  Don’t they realize we grow accustomed to seeing the labels and designs of our favorites, and it helps us know what we like and what we want to avoid?  I for one am not a fan of the concept of changing labels and appearance of products.  However, it seems all companies do it.


            The official term for what these companies do is called “repackaging”.  By definition, repackaging means “to package again or anew, especially in a more attractive package.”  Basically, they make it look better, more appealing to the eye.  They strive to get you to see their product in a different light or way than you are use to thinking of the product.


            As I thought about this definition, I realized that businesses aren’t the only people to use repackaging.  Our enemy and all of his evil forces also have become quite the expert at repacking the sins and bondages they use to try and trap God’s men and keep them bound in their sins and from becoming mature, godly men.  As men of God have become aware of what sins and issues to avoid, the enemy has also become aware of the need to repackage them so they aren’t as easily noticed.  Instead, he makes them look better and more desirable.  They have taken many sins and evil practices and repackaged them so they don’t seem quite so bad.  For instance:


Strip clubs are now called Gentleman’s clubs.

Alcohol abuse is called social drinking

Pornography is called adult entertainment

Abortion is called a women’s right to choose

Adultery is called swinging

Homosexuality is called an alternative lifestyle

Prostitutes are called escorts

Gambling/poker are now called sports

Demons, witchcraft, and satanic activity is called Sci-Fi

Marijuana and cocaine are called medicine

And the list goes on and on.


            Our spiritual enemy and his evil forces have realized that if they repack the sins we all have come to recognize as things to avoid, he can trap a whole new generation of people.  So he has cleverly renamed and resold many of his goods and wares, and both society and the church has bought into his marketing campaign without even realizing it.  For too long, we have not given the enemy the credit he deserves for his shrewdness and cunning ability to trap us and bind us in chains, and before we know it, we are bound in sin and feeling hopeless, helpless, and alone.


            That is why we need to know what the Word of God teaches us.  The Bible is our guidebook for life.  It contains not only the words of God, but also His moral rulebook for how we are to live.  The Bible is the roadmap for the Christians journey through life.  When we know what the Bible says we are able to see through the enemies repackaging schemes and see traps, sin, and temptation for what they really are. 


            So what about you?  Are you spending enough time in the word so that you can discern and avoid the enemies repackaging campaign?  Are you strong in your knowledge of the Bible that you can pick out the lies and traps that are being set all around you as the world works to make sin seem less and less evil and more and more acceptable?  Is your mind being renewed so that you can tell what is the good, acceptable, and perfect will of God?  It is time for God’s men to pick of the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God and start fighting back! 


            We can’t keep buying into the lies of the enemy.  We can’t fall for his repackaging schemes.  Instead, we must see things for what they really are.  We must call sin sin and not allow cultural views and distortions to cause us to become trapped in sins and bondage.  We must know what we believe and stand firm in our beliefs.  This is how we recognize the same old traps wrapped in new, more appealing labels.  Then we can continue growing in our walk with God and  become the men He created us to be.

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