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Resurrecting Your Dead Prayer Life

         I’ve always been a big fan of the rock group Petra. They always had tremendous messages in their songs while they rocked the house. One of my favorite Petra songs was “Get on your knees and Fight like a man”. What a great sentiment. The best way for a man of God to fight the trials and tribulations in life is to hit his knees in prayer.


Having financial woes? Hit your knees.


Facing Persecution? Drop down.


Career obstacles? Get down to pray.


Rebellious Child? Knee time.


       I recently came across this poem:


       What Satan fears most is a man on his knees;

Not vast marching armies with great weaponry.

He knows he can stand against the power of men;

To engage us in battle is mere sport to him.

But a man on his knees with his head bowed in prayer

Is something quite different to the prince of the air.

For when he sees us in prayer, to our God most high,

He knows we have seen through his devilish lies.

That's why Satan fears most a man on his knees;

And we'll keep him trembling of our prayers never cease.


        Prayer is our #1 weapon in life. Unfortunately, many men have absolutely no prayer life. It is time for a change. We need to break free from a dead prayer life. We need to learn how to get on our knees and fight like men!


       Unfortunately, there is only one way to break free from a dead prayer life. That is to follow Nike’s advice and “Just Do It!”   We need to make time every day for prayer. We must stop trying to rely on ourselves and start taking each and every problem to God. If you practice prayer, over time, it will become second nature and you will not even realize you are doing it. You will catch yourself talking to God as you walk down the street, sit in traffic, or walk in a grocery store. But first you have to put forth an effort to start praying.


       How do you get started? You just start setting aside time in your day to get alone and talk to God. Talk to Him about whatever you are facing in life. Tell Him your thoughts, your worries, your fears. Tell Him what difficulties you are facing. Take your requests to Him, no matter what they may be. Give Him praise for the things He has done in your life. Thank Him for His blessings. If you find a good sale in a store, thank God for providing it. If you land a big account, thank God for working it out. If you have a great day with your family, thank God for blessing you with your family.


       There is really nothing you can’t talk to God about. I want to challenge you to deal a death blow to your dead prayer life and start storming the Heavens with your prayers. If you need inspiration, read the Psalms of David.


       David is a world-class prayer. Fortunately for us, he wrote down many of his prayers. They are an excellent example of how we can pray. David talked to God about everything. He told God all of his thoughts and fears. He praised God when He was blessed, and he told God exactly what He was feeling when going through the rough times. David’s prayers are full of raw emotion and feelings as He passionately communicated with God. He definitely did not have a dead prayer life!


        I also want to challenge you to pray big. Don’t fence God in. Pray boldly. Let me give you some examples of what I mean by sharing some of my prayer requests. Lately, I have been praying hard for God to heal me. I have a deformed right foot that causes me pain. I am not only asking God to take away the pain, but I am asking Him to totally reform and restructure the foot. I have been asking God to open doors for this ministry to grow and reach millions of men. These are just a few of the bold prayers I daily take to God. Some of them are even more bold, but for personal reasons I will not mention them. I just want you to see that we can’t put chains on what we think God can do. The Bible says nothing is impossible with God (Luke 1:37). We need to pray like this is true. So I encourage you to pray boldly.


       As men we need to get serious about our prayer life. Why? We face a real enemy. This enemy knows he can have his way with us if we have a dead prayer life. However, he shakes in fear when He sees a man of God break free from a dead prayer life and begin seeking God daily in prayer. Prayer deals a blow to satan’s kingdom, and it brings us even closer to God.


     I encourage you to start praying daily. It is true what James says: The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective (James 5:16). Start today.

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