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Leadership 101: A Tale of Three Kings

           This month we are taking a break from our normal Leadership Series.   Instead, I’d like to recommend that each one of you read a book that was recently recommended to me.   Quite frankly, this book has changed the way I look at both being a leader and working under a leader.   Even though we don’t do this often, I think it would benefit any man in leadership to read “A Tale of Three Kings” by Gene Edwards. 


            As I said, I was recently given this book.   So far I’ve read it twice, because there are so many nuggets of truth hidden within each chapter that I didn’t want to miss a thing.   It’s not long book, and it’s very easy to read.  The chapters are all 2-3 pages, a perfect  length for those of us who don't like to do alot of reading.   Written like a play, “A Tale of Three Kings” studies the life of David and his interactions with both King Saul and his son, Absalom.    


            It’s an honest book.


            It’s a challenging book.


            It’s a practical book because it teaches each of us how we are to respond to those in authority over us (whether that authority is easy or difficult to work under) and how we should respond when someone rebels against our leadership.    


            I guarantee that you will not regret the few hours you’ll spend learning these important life lessons.    That’s why we’re recommended the book “A Tale of Three Kings” to all of our readers.   If you click below, you can purchase it directly from Amazon.com and a percentage of the proceeds will go toward Mantour Ministries.    However, it’s not important where you buy it.   If you can find it on sale somewhere else, get it there.  The important thing is that you get this book, read this book, and apply the amazing Biblical principles taught in the book, “A Tale of Three Kings” to your life and your leadership.  


            I’m sincerely glad that someone recommended it to me, so I’m passing it along to you!  


Click Here To Buy This Book Through Amazon



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