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12 Ways To Spend Time WIth Your Kids This Summer Without Sinking Your Budget

            Summer!  The weathers warmer, the sun is brighter, and we all want to be outside. 


            Summer is a good time for a Father to spend quality time with his kids.  Children have no school, and there is time to do special activities and events.   In today’s economy, it can get expensive to plan fun outings with your kids.  However, it doesn’t have to be that way.  We have some ideas for you to use to spend time with your kids.


1.   Watch Fireworks


            Going to watch fireworks is a fun, exciting night, and it is free.  Many people charge you to watch fireworks on their ground, but the great thing about fireworks is they are not on the ground, they are in the sky.  Find a place away from the crowd and watch the fireworks for free as a family.



2.  Have an ice cream night


            Going out to an ice cream parlor can get quite expensive, so why not have an ice cream night at home?  It is really easy.  Go to your grocery store, buy a gallon of ice cream, and maybe some cherries or peanuts depending on what you and your family likes.


            Next, go home and grab a pot from your cupboard and put it on the stove. 


            Pour 1 ½ cups of sugar and 1 ½ cup water in the pot. 

            Turn the stove on to a med/high temperature and stir until the water and sugar mixture boils. 

            Then stir in 1 ½ cups Peanut butter.  Let your kids help with the stirring.  

            Keep stirring until it blends and gets thick.  Then let it cool.

            Once cool, you can either put it on your ice cream as is, or you can stir some Hershey Syrup into it to make it a chocolate peanut butter Sunday sauce.  


            This is a delicious treat that will make your ice cream party a night to remember. 


3.   A mini golf adventure


            Mini golf is a classic family outing.  However, it too can get expensive.  But what if you and your family designed your own mini golf course right in your own yard?  It is so easy to create different holes and obstacles.  Use your imagination and use anything you can find around the house to make an adventurous challenge.  Once the course is built, have a family competition to see who wins, and let the winner control the tv remote for the rest of the night!  The competition and fun of design will make more memories than a trip to the local mini golf course ever could.


4.  Wash your Car


            Wait a minute!  Isn’t that work?  Well, technically it is, but it is also a great, fun way to spend time with your kids.  You can make some great memories while all of you wash the car, squirt each other with the hose, and have water battles.  So while it is work, it will seem like play to your kids.  As long as you make it fun, they will love it.


5.  Plant a garden


            Ugh!  More work!  Not really.  Gardening is a fun hobby and it can teach your children a lot.   Allow your kids to pick what you grow.  Tell them they can take ½ of what you grow together and sell it to friends and neighbors to earn some money.  Let them learn the joy of seeing hard work grow and turn into fruits and vegetables.


6.   Hold cooking classes

            Teach your kids how to follow a recipe and cook meals, but also have some fun cooking desserts. Have a contest to see who can make up the best original recipe, then let everyone enjoy eating their creations.  An added bonus it will teach your kids a valuable lesson that men can and need to know how to cook!


7.   Have a campout


            Camping is a great way to spend time with your family inexpensively.  You don’t have to go anywhere to do it.  You can do it in your own back yard.  Not the outdoors type?  Then camp indoors.  Have a camp out in the living room or den.  The location isn’t the issue, having fun and being together is.


8.  Have a Good, Old-Fashioned Squirt Gun Battle


            C’mon, you know you want to….   It sounds like a lot of fun doesn’t it?   So why not succumb to temptation and go for it---Go to the Dollar Store, purchase enough water guns for the whole family, and have a good old shootout at the Family Coral.   Can’t find inexpensive water guns?  No worries.   Squirt Bottles, Water Bottles, Water Balloons or even a common household bucket will help you win the war.  


            Boys against the girls?   Kids against the Parents?   No matter what you choose, if you really throw yourself into the game, you’re kids will remember if forever!


9.  Go Fishing


            Okay, this won’t work for those of you who are true city dwellers, but if you live near a lake, stream, or pond, fishing with kids can be a lot of fun.   Will you have to bait their hooks and pull their lines out of the trees?   Probably.   You may even have to fish one of them out of the water if they get too close.   Still, every family should try fishing at least once---even if just for laughs.   If you borrow some equipment and your kids fish for free (which they can in most states) it’s a very inexpensive way to have a new adventure. 


10.  Go for a Bike Ride.


            It’s easy, it’s fun, and you’ll be together.   It’s also a lot cooler than going for a walk over the summer.


11.  Shoot funny home videos of singing, dancing or just acting goofy.


            Most kids love a camera.   Whether you use your video camera or your Smartphone, your kids will not only love making the videos, but they’ll love watching and rewatching them as well. 


12.  Start a scavenger hunt.


            All you need for this idea are some creative clues, some good hiding places, and an awesome reward at the end of the hunt.   You could make each clue lead to a different ingredient needed for a special snack that night.  


            These are just a few of the ways you can have quality time with your kids this summer.  There are so many fun, easy, inexpensive ways to bond over the summer.  All you need is an imagination and a desire to be with your kids.  So whether you use one of these ideas or think up your own, be sure to do something special with your kids.  They are only young once, so take time to enjoy them before it is too late.

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