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10 Tips To Staying Sexually Pure

        Sexuality Temptation is one of the leading traps men face.  In this article, we will see 10 tips to help you resist sexual temptation and stand pure in an impure world.






     We live in a culture where sensuality and perversion dominate.  Sex is used to manipulate, control, and sell.  We are bombarded daily with images through the tv, internet, magazines, and even newspaper adds. 


          Things are shown on tv and movies these days that were not even talked about, worse yet watched, 20 years ago.  Even family shows on tv are becoming the launching pad for immoral things like promoting the gay agenda, promoting being sexually active with multiple women instead of marrying one woman, and the glorification of sexual sin and perversion.  Movies are more graphic than ever.   Even something as innocent as playing video games has been perverted by the enemy as he lays out traps for God’s men with games that contain sexually explicit and graphic images.


          If you think about it, you realize that of course, the enemy is going to go after men through video games. 


        55% of adult men play video games. 


        The average age of a gamer is 30 years old.


        Men are turning of the tv and movies more to play games with friends online.  So the enemy has figured out a way to get to them. 


        Don’t believe me that the enemy is using video games to trap men sexually?   


        One of the top selling games of 2013 was Grand Theft Auto 5.  In his article, “How to kill a Hooker”, Christian blogger Jonathan McKee describes the game:

One key element of this game franchise is the hiring of prostitutes to have sex to gain more points and increase health.  Then, when you are done, you kill the prostitute to keep from losing your money.   The game also includes depicting women as sexual objects, with a strip club mini-game allowing players to fondle strippers' bodies, which are nude from the waist up.   Many gaming magazines and blogs, including metacritic and IGN, rate Grand theft auto 5 as the best game of 2013.


          Now, yes, these are not Christian run organizations promoting these games.  However, the comments by readers at the end of the articles from Christian reviews like Jonathan’s or Common Sense Media show the degree of how we have been dulled in our society.  Comments include things like:


         “The sex isn’t that bad, they only show nudity from the waste up,”


         “Just because I do it in a game doesn’t mean I will do it in real life” and


         “I trust my son that he will ignore the parts of the game that show this behavior and know he would never do them in real life.”  


         Personally, I’ve heard believing men voice very similar opinions.   The sad thing is they have been so deceived that they believe it is true.


          These games are just a new avenue the enemy is using to trap men.  I focused on them because they are an avenue rarely focused on when discussing this topic.  However, they are just one of the ways the enemy tries to paint an image to all men of what a real man is.  Our society views a real man as a ladies’ man-- someone who has sex with a different girl each night.  The more women he sleeps with the better a man he is.  If you aren’t a womanizer, you must be gay.  These are all lies that Satan uses to destroy the lives of men. 


          So, how do we, as men of God, stay pure in an impure world?   I have learned and I firmly believe that it is possible to live a pure and holy life before God.  I want to share with you 10 actions you can take to help you stand as a pure man of God in a society that is quickly becoming soiled and sullied by sexual sin.


1.      Be Proactive.


          We need to take action before the sexual sin and temptation strikes.  

How do you do this?  


          By identifying the areas of your life that cause you to be tempted to sin sexually.  Where are you?  What are you doing?  What are you feeling?  What is going on around you? 


         You have to try and anticipate the weak times for the attack to come so you can build up a defense to overcome.  After you identify your triggers, develop a clear battle plan to overcome.  Establish steps to take to resist the temptation.


          For instance, if your greatest moment of weakness is late at night when you are tired and alone, then use tools like parental controls on tv and internet to block usage late at night. 


2.      Confession Is Good For the Soul


          The best way to deal a blow to the enemy is to go before God and repent of any and all sexual sins you have committed in the past.  Take a sheet of paper and, through the power of the Holy Spirit, identify times you have sinned sexually in the past. Include any tv shows, movies, magazines, video games, thoughts and actions.

Then spend time in prayer confessing these sins to God.  Ask Him to forgive you.   Ask God to restore your mind to purity and holiness like His.  Begin to live a pure and holy life before God.


3.      Keep A Short Balance Sheet With God


          In the future, keep a short account with God.  Any time even a thought or desire to sin sexually pops up, cast it down in Jesus’ name.  Confess it and move on, continuing the pursuit of sexual purity.


4.      Do a Media Fast


          For one month do not watch any tv or any movies or play any video games.  Instead, take that time and spend it reading the Bible.  You will be surprised at the end of the month how little tv your conscience will allow you to watch after renewing your mind.  


5.    Use All the Tools Available 


          The bad thing about technology is the enemy has figured out how to use it for destructive attacks against a man’s purity.  The good thing about technology is godly men have learned ways to safeguard against the enemies attacks. 


         Lots of tools are available to help God’s man.  Use your TV v-chip to block out sexual content from your TV.  Have someone else control the password so that you don’t give into temptation.  The great thing about a V-Chip password is if you don’t know it, you can’t use it.


          Use the parental controls available on all internet browsers.  There are programs like Net Nanny or Covenant Eyes that you can install on your computer.  Not only do they keep you from being able to view porn on the internet, but they also send out email alerts to the men you choose to be accountable to, telling them what your web activity includes.  If you can’t afford this type of program, download K9 Web Protection for free.  When using these programs, don’t forget to install them on your smart phones and tablets.


6.  Find A Band of Brothers To Hold You Accountable. 


          Peer Pressure is a great weapon when it comes to sexual temptation.  We need men around us that we allow total access to us to ask us any questions and hold us accountable for anything whenever they see the need.


         Allow your Band of Brothers to see your internet history.  Make them friends on your gaming network so they see what games you play.  Be an open book to them, allowing no question or topic to be off limits.


7.  If All Else Fails, Go Commando.  


          Take whatever steps are necessary to live sexually pure.  Jesus said in Matthew 5 “If your right hand offends you to cut it off.” 


          He wasn’t suggesting self mutilation.  He was saying we are better off getting rid of whatever causes us to sin even if it hurts.  If porn on the internet causes you to sin, get rid of the internet.  While the internet is handy, people got along for centuries without it, and if it causes you to sin, better to lose Google temporarily than to lose your soul eternally.


          If tv or movies cause you to stumble, cancel your cable and Netflix.  Better to miss the latest reality show than to lose your soul.  Do video games cause you to sin?  Then sell your system on eBay.  Better to not be a gamer than lose your soul.


8.      Read Every Man’s Battle and Tactics by Fred Stoeker


          I strongly suggest you read that all men read these two books by Fred Stoeker.  They are excellent teaching to help stay Pure in an Impure World.


9.  Seek Spiritual Deliverance


          If you find yourself in a place where you cannot conquer the sexual sins and temptations no matter what you try, you may be facing a spiritual stronghold in your life.  The enemy has built a stronghold in your life and is holding you captive.  I would recommend seeking out the help of a counselor trained in spiritual warfare to help you break the stronghold.


10.  Devour the Word Of God


          The Bible says that we need to renew our minds.  The best way to do this is through devouring God’s Word.  When struggling to stay pure in an impure world, we need to read the Word like never before.  It is hard to sin sexually while reading the Word of God.  It is hard to think impure thoughts while thinking the thoughts of God found in His Word.  The best way to conquer impurity is to soak our minds in God’s Word.


          So there you have it…Ten Tips to Help You Stand Pure in an Impure World.  I hope you take these tips seriously in your battle with sexual temptation.  If you have any questions or need help finding a counselor that specializes in Spiritual Deliverance, email me at Jamie@mantourministries.com   It is time God’s men took a stand for purity and holiness.  Will you join me?


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