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Don't Be A Monday Morning Quarterback


     We have all heard about Monday Morning Quarterbacking! Your favorite sports team loses an important game… Monday Morning comes and you begin to pick apart the game plan, how the players did this or didn’t do that… you begin to question the coaches decisions on this play and that, but where does it get you – you still lost the game!


    Enter two men, Joshua and Caleb. These two men were among those 10 spies sent to check out the Promised Land on their journey from slavery in Egypt.  These two men stated their case about what they say – a land filled with milk and honey and believed the promise of God that the land would be theirs but the people listened to the 8 other men and were afraid to step out in what God had promised


    So often in our life, we hear and see the promises of God – how all our needs, not wants but needs, will be met, how God’s Spirit will lead us and guide us but like those 8 men, we sometimes focus more on ourselves than on the Word of God. We begin to doubt not only ourselves but also the faithfulness of our God. We Monday morning quarterback!


    The 2011 New York Giants had a regular season record of 9 wins and 7 loses and yet they won the Super Bowl that year – you see the team believed they could win no matter what – sure they lost some games along the way but they believed that if they stayed focus on the plan, the game plan, things would work out!


    At no time during the 40 years it took for the Israelites to reach the Promised Land, did Joshua or Caleb Monday morning quarterback, they stayed firm upon God’s plan and knew one day, they would walk in the land of plenty!


    So rather than focus on the fear and doubt that comes to man’s life by Monday morning quarterbacking, maybe we should stay focused on the Promises of God and His Faithfulness – as we go through this life, maybe we need to keep in mind a great verse to remember: Colossians 3:2 (NASB)


  Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth.
So don’t focus on ourselves or the things of this earth but focus on things above! We may just win the next game!! Gotta believe!






-Tom Sember is the former men's ministry director for the New York District of the Assemblies of God.  He currently is a men's ministry speaker and author and works closely with Mantour Ministries during our Mantour Conferences.  He also publishes a daily devotional for men.  To connect with Tom or to receive his daily devotional, email him at tomsember@gmail.com


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