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Getting Realigned In The New Year

     Sometimes due to no other reason that life itself, our backs can get out of alignment … recently while I sat at the chiropractor’s office I thought about how our spiritual walk needs to be re aligned to get things back into shape.
Hebrews 2:1 states, “For this reason we must pay much closer attention to what we have heard, lest we drift away from it.”


    As the chiropractor pushed here and there, cracking things back into place, I thought about how sometimes getting realigned with our walk with God would take some good cracking and pushing.


    As the year comes to an end, we may find that we have done things this year that have caused our walk to take the wrong path at times. Like our backs, we walk in pain, each step causes more pain, and we need to be realigned.

    So here are a few tips that may help us get back into shape as the New Year begins:

1. Get back to reading God’s Word


     Make a plan that starts your day in God’s Word – it may mean getting up a little earlier, finding a quiet spot, and spend time just listening to God as we read.

2.  Spend time in prayer


    Our lives should be filled with prayer, daily communicating with God – it’s one of the blessings from the Cross Jesus faced – the temple curtain was torn in two, so we now have access to our God – use it!


3.  Take time to realign our priorities


     Make a list and answer the hard questions:

        -What’s my goal in life


        -Who are the most important people I need to be taking care of


        -Am I taking care of my own physical, emotional and spiritual life


        -What is God calling me to do


4.  Sit and listen

     Take time to sit and listen to the voice of God – life can become so loud that we will miss His Voice amid the noise and clamor of the world – Be still and know that HE is God

     As I walked out of the chiropractors office, I was sore and stiff but felt better – my posture was better, head up high, shoulders back, and my gait was strong and steady. The chiropractor gave me a few instructions to follow to keep my back from getting out of whack. They sounded so simple and yet if I don’t, I will find myself right back on his table. If we want to keep our spiritual walk from getting out of whack, we must follow the direction of where God and His Word is instructing us.   









-Tom Sember is the former men's ministry director for the New York District of the Assemblies of God.  He currently is a men's ministry speaker and author and works closely with Mantour Ministries during our Mantour Conferences.  He also publishes a daily devotional for men.  To connect with Tom or to receive his daily devotional, email him at tomsember@gmail.com

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