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Conquering The Unconquerable Mountain

 Born in the heat of the desert, My mother died giving me life,
Deprived of the love of a father, Blamed for the loss of his wife,
You know Lord I've been in a prison, For something that I never done,
It’s been one hill after another, I’ve climbed them all one by one
But this time, Lord you gave me a mountain, A mountain you know I may never climb,  
It isn't just a hill any longer,  You gave me a mountain this time.

     I don’t know why, but I have always loved this song by Elvis Presley.  From the first time I heard Elvis belt it out while watching his Aloha from Hawaii concert special with my mom (the rerun, how old do you think I am??) I have liked this song.  Maybe it was the big drums in it or the way Elvis sings it with such passion, but I was mesmerized.

     As I have been thinking about the theme of Give Me This Mountain, my mind turned to a HUGE mountain that many men have standing right in front of them, pornography.  Too many men, believers included, are trapped in porn and, like Elvis, are screaming, “This is a mountain I can’t climb!”

     I am here to tell you today, you can conquer Mt. Porn!  Your prayer needs to become, “God give me this mountain!  Help me overcome my addiction to porn!”  Then begin to climb!

     You see, God will help us, he will give us victory.  But we still have to do our part.  We have to climb!  We have to take action to change through God’s power.

     How do you do it?

1.  Repent

     The first step is to ask God to forgive you for giving ground in your life to the sin of porn.  We need to ask his forgiveness, ask him to purefy our minds, and to give us victory.

2.  Confess

     This is a HARD step, but necessary step.  You need to find a TRUSTWORTHY, MATURE believer and tell them about your struggle.  While humiliating, confessing destroys porns strongest grip, being secret and hidden.  The light of confession burns away the dark sin.  You need to confess the sin ti someone and ask them to become your accountability partner.  Give them permission to hold you accountable and to be tough on you.

3.  Use the tools available to help you gain victory.

For Your Personal Safety:
     Covenant Eyes is a great internet filter that can be used on your computers, phones, and


tablets.   It also has an accountability feature that will send a list of what you look at online to a mentor.  We highly recommend this product.  You can get one month of protection free if you sign up using code: Mantour

For Your Church, Business, and Home:

     Another great option to help keep porn out of your life is with a CleanRouter.  CleanRouter blocks porn from ever entering your home, church, or business.  Instead of installing it on all your devices, it is installed on your network, so any device, whether a smart tv, computer, phone, or tablet, that uses your network is protected.   You can save 25% if sign up using code: Mantour

You can climb Mt. Porn…you can gain victory!  Make your prayer, “Give me this mountain!”



     Jamie is a graduate of the University of Valley Forge.  He is also an ordained minister with the Penndel District of the Assemblies of God and an AG Associate Missionary with AG Missionary Church Planters and Developers, focusing on strengthening men and men's ministry.


     Jamie loves to speak to men and is available to speak at your next men's event.  Jamie combines humor and his personal testimony to both engage and challenge men to grow in their walk with God.  He uses his testimony of overcoming abuse as well as dealing with his physical issues and emotional issues growing up to encourage men that no matter their background or where they have come from in life, they can grow into mighty men in God's Kingdom.  Jamie combines strong Biblical application as well as engaging illustrations and some humor to reach men through his messages.


          If you are interested in having Jamie speak at your next men's event as a speaker or workshop leader or if you are interested in having him come share with your church, email him at jamie@mantourministries.com

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