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Scheduled Speakers:

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Tony Cruz
Freedom Life

Growing up in the Bronx in New York City, Tony was often surrounded by drugs and violence. After losing his father at the age of seven, he was raised by his single mother. As a teenager, he got involved with street activity. One day he was invited to an outreach where he heard about the gospel and the love of God. It was that night that he realized his life needed something different that the streets were not giving him. Tony put his trust in the Lord that night and gave his life to Jesus Christ. Tony later received the call to ministry and began to preach at the age of sixteen.

After graduating from bible college, Tony and Elisha served as associate pastors heading out the student ministries department for four years just outside Philadelphia. In 2004, Tony and Elisha started their evangelistic ministry traveling across  the nation as the featured speaker at conferences, camps & conventions for the next seven years before being  called to starting this work in Lewisburg, PA.

For over 20 years, Tony has been preaching about the life-changing message of hope, healing, forgiveness and purpose found in Jesus Christ alone.  He speaks with a deep passion and conviction.  Pastor Tony and Elisha are lead pastors of our thriving church and have two boys and a little girl. They started Freedom Life Church in 2011 with a handful of families and have watched many lives changed for God's glory.


Dave is pretty much known as the "Energizer Bunny" at Christian Life Assembly.  He doesn't stop! His energy and enthusiasm are the backbones of CLA Kids, and his passion and commitment to  kids, families and those who serve are so inspiring. He leads CLA's Men with the same dedication, has a great sense of humor and loves local missions. He and his wife, Ronda, have three young adult-age kids.

David Richards
Christian Life Assembly

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Brad loves people and wants to serve God by building them up with the Word, but he confesses that he gets really annoyed by people who hold up the line at Dunkin Donuts by ordering anything but hot black coffee.  He may also get annoyed by people who insist on passing him on the road only to turn off a short distance ahead.


Following God's call on his life to the University of Valley Forge, he met his darling wife, Stefanie.  They have two adult children, Ethan & Emma.  Brad spent 18 years in youth & music ministry and for the past 9 years he and Stefanie have pastored Connect Church in Alum Bank, PA.  Brad recently joined the 4One Ministries/Mantour Ministries Board of Directors.

Brad knows there is only one real sport:  Motocross.  Everything else is just "water polo."

Brad Price
Connect Church

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Jamie Holden

Founder Mantour Ministries,  AGUS Missionary Assoc.

Jamie, the Founder and Director of Mantour Ministries, is a graduate of the University of Valley Forge.  He is also an ordained minister with the Penndel District of the Assemblies of God and an AG Associate Missionary with AG Missionary Church Developers, focusing on strengthening men and men's ministry.


Jamie’s passion is to help men overcome the pain of their past and reach their full potential as God’s men.  “Years ago, while I was attending the University of Valley Forge, God gave me a deep desire inside to minister to men. My calling is to help men learn what it means to be a godly man and how to develop a deep, personal relationship with their Heavenly Father.  We strive to challenge and encourage men to reach their full potential in God’s Kingdom.”


Along with planning Mantour Conferences, Jamie enjoys writing and speaking to men.  He's had articles featured in Prodigal Magazine, New Man Magazine, and on the Assemblies of God Men’s Ministry Website.    He's published four books, "Putting On Manhood", "Legacy: Living A Life That Last",  "Get In The Game", "Invincible: Scaling The Mountains That Keep Us From Victory", and Whatever I Takes" and he is currently working on publishing his 5th book, "Burning Daylight".

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