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Ministry Endorsements

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Donald Immel

PennDel Superintendent & General Presbyter

    "I have personally known Jamie for approximately six years, and he is an exemplary leader. 

    He is in good standing as an ordained minister with the PennDel Ministry Network, and serves as the President and CEO of Mantour Ministries. He faithfully oversees Mantour Ministry conferences twelve times each year throughout our district, and does an excellent job leading both a ministry team as well as a ministry event. 

    He has the respect of both his peers in ministry and our district leadership. Jamie has my highest recommendation.

Tom Rees

Penndel District Honorbound Director, US Home Missions Director, and Church Development Director


     "Jamie is excellent at cultivating strategic partnerships that make it about transforming men’s lives together. I am impressed with Jamie’s ability to write and then bring his message directly to men through ManTour events.


    Above all, DETERMINATION is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Jamie. He personally models the ability to push through challenges and then use the lessons he has learned to help other men live for Jesus!"

Rick Allen

National Men's Ministry and  LFTL Director

Assemblies of God


     "Jamie has a definite call on his life to assist men with their God given responsibilities for manhood. His commitment to his called assignment is evident through his life and ministry.


      I appreciate Jamie’s vision for this most needed mission in the body of Christ."

Jason Tourville

PennDel Minister Care & Church Recalibration Director

     "It has been a joy for and me our church to partner with Mantour Ministries. 


     Jamie Holden has a heart and passion to see men grow to their full potential.   Their strategy allows for great material, resources and experience to be accessible to all men. 


     This is truly a ministry focused on Giving, not Taking!"

Roland Coon

Retired Lead Pastor

Calvary Church, Dover DE

4One Ministries Board of Directors Member

     "It is without hesitation I recommend the heart and soul of a man who cares about the welfare of men regardless of their status in life.


      Jamie is spot on in knowing what men need in this hour. Bring him on board to unite your men through Mantour Ministries. You'll not regret it!"

Scott Kramer
Lead Pastor
Glad Tidings Assembly of God

     "Jamie has clearly demonstrated both a passion and a calling to impact the lives of men in today’s challenging and temptation-filled culture.  In developing Mantour Events across our state, I believe that Jamie is helping to set in motion many significant and God-ordained changes in the lives of men all over our churches. 


     I have enjoyed teaching these men in workshops and look forward to more in the future.  I’m excited to see more ManTour Events in the future impacting the lives of men and helping them in their journey as they following Jesus."

Tom Groot

Director of Student Discipleship for the National Youth Ministries

Assemblies of God


   “The next generation needs godly examples to follow. I appreciate leaders like Jamie Holden who encourage men to consider the legacy of their lives.


   My prayer is that the Lord will continue to raise up Spirit-empowered men in every home, workplace, church, and community.”

Tom Sember

Former New York District Men's Ministry Director

     "Long ago, God was looking for someone to stand in the gap for Him, well today Mantour Ministries, under the leadership of Jamie Holden, men are beginning to stand in the gap.


     Mantour Ministries is an excellent ministry to help men in their walk with Christ - through the weekend conferences, website filled with resources, Mantour is reaching men for Christ. Jamie Holden touches areas in men’s lives through his book Putting on Manhood and the newest release, Legacy: Living a Life that Lasts that every man and men’s ministry could use. "

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