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Dressing For Victory

In Dressing For Victory, We study each piece of the Armor of God found in Ephesians 6, what it signifies, and how we use each piece in our daily lives.  This Bible Study is full of great teaching to help us stand against the enemy and his wicked schemes!!

Mind Games

In Mind Games,  we study what each area Paul told us to think about really means and how we can apply his command to our lives. We examine the need to stop letting the world tell us what to allow into our minds.  In order to win the mind games, we have to follow the words of Paul in Philippians 4:-9.  This book is jammed back with practical application on how we can do this.

Mighty Warrior


In Mighty Warrior, we study the life of Joshua as  he leads God's Children into the Promised Land.  As we do, we will see how we can become mighty warriors who defeat our enemies and enter into the promises God has for us!

Money Lessons 101


In Money Lessons 101, we will see the lessons learned during a time of financial crisis in our own lives.  We share with you the lessons we learned as we worked to break free of debt, develop a budget, and handle our finances in a Biblical way.  We hope you, too, will start this journey through Money Lessons 101!

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