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1.  To teach and instruct God’s men and to challenge them to grow deeper in their   

     walk with God.  In order to ensure we present sound, Biblical teaching and 

     doctrine, we only use Assemblies of God credentialed ministers as speakers 

     at our Mantour Conferences.


2.  To encourage each church to have an active and thriving men’s ministry and to

     grow together as a band of brothers in their own body throughout the year.


3.  To be a launching pad to promote the Fall HonorBound conference


4.  To encourage God's men to be giving men by providing them with an opportunity

     to give to others in need.


5.  To minister to and encourage the downtrodden and lost.  We do this by inviting,

     free of charge, men from places like Teen Challenge, local halfway houses, and

     homeless missions.


6.  To donate Resources to prisons, Teen Challenge Centers, and halfway houses.

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