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The Mantour Challenge

Help Us Reach Men Behind Bars with the Gospel

God has placed a tremendous burden on our heart to place copies of our books in the hands of men in prisons, halfway houses, and Teen Challenge Centers.  So far we have been able to reach men inside 10 states with over 6,000 copies of our books


In the Gospels, we read of Jesus praising people who helped prisoners.  he Said, "When you do it for these, you do it unto me"  Helping hurting men behind bars is fullfilling the Great Commission!


In all of our Mantour Conferences, we will be presenting men with the Mantour Challenge.  We are asking them to buy copies of our newest book for a hurting man behind bars.  $10 buys a copy of a book to give to a prisoner, a man in a homeless shelter, or a man in a Teen Challenge Center.  Your donation of any amount is greatly appreciated!!

You Can Donate:

Donate Online

Please Mark Donations as "The Mantour Challenge"  Thank you for giving to reach hurting men!!

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