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If you are from Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, Maryland, or West Virginia:


What We Request From You:

  • A passion and desire to reach men and encourage them to grow in their walk with God.

  • A facility to host the event, specifically one main room and 2 other rooms for the workshops, plus a room or lobby to display men’s ministries and resources.

  • Sound team and equipment

  • Folding tables and chairs for ministry displays

  • Coffee and donuts

  • Volunteers to be greeters, offering takers, etc

  • Volunteers to set up on Friday Night

What We Provide:

  • We will provide godly, credentialed Assemblies of God speakers with good reputations and a passion for men’s ministry.

  • We will provide the theme and schedule of events

  • We will provide the MC for the event

  • We will provide all the media and videos for the conference

  • We will provide the advertising and Promotion

  • We will handle registration



For more information about hosting a Mantour Conference, contact us at

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