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January 20 We Read The Bible

When I was younger, my family attended an event at the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, New York. The event ended around 10-11 p.m., and we planned to drive to a hotel in New Jersey to get some sleep before we toured New York City the next day. However, our plans changed when my dad missed the exit he was supposed to take, and our tour started earlier than we'd planned (and without a tour guide).

The only thing was that our unplanned tour didn't lead us toward the typical tourist attractions. Instead, our naïve little family from the country spent the next four hours driving through the various boroughs of New York, seeing places and things we'd never seen before. (Imagine the Beverly Hillbillies meet Jamaica, New York---now you've got a good picture.)

We were lost! Remember, this was before GPS and cell phones were even invented. There was a brief ray of light when we saw a group of police cars parked together, and we thought we could stop and ask for directions. We were wrong!

Apparently, police officers in certain boroughs of New York get very nervous when cars pull up directly beside them in the wee hours of the morning. They were not happy! As the clock passed midnight and into 1 a.m., then 2 a.m., my parents would have given anything for a map, a GPS, or even a friendly policeman who would provide us with directions for getting back on the right road. Since we didn't have any of these things, we just kept driving around and around, trying to find our way back to the hotel. (We did finally arrive around 3 a.m. ---although I still don't remember how!)

What did I learn from this event?

Directions are important!

Keep a map in your car (I guess now it's a Cell Phone or GPS) so you don't end up in dangerous situations for which you are totally unprepared!

Come to think of it--- that's not a bad motto for life. The only thing is that life, no matter how dangerous it can be or how unprepared we are to face its challenges, doesn't come with a roadmap.

Or does it?

Thankfully, the answer is "Yes, it does."

That's why it's so important that we read the Bible every day. Essentially, it's our owner's manual for navigating life's roads successfully.

We need to become men who love the Bible. Why?

It's simple. The Bible is the Word of God.

As the Creator of the universe, God understands how the universe works.

Graciously, He has shared these keys to successful living with us in His Word.

When we read His Word and apply these keys to our lives, we will prosper and succeed spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and even in our practical lives. Essentially, the Bible tells us how to live life the way God intended it to be lived.

But let's be real and honest with each other. More than likely, you already know that reading the Bible daily is important. Most of us do not struggle with the question, "Why should I read the Bible?" Instead, we need help with the actual doing of what we know is right.

Here are some practical tips I've learned to help us make this choice:

1. Accountability.

The biggest thing that has ever helped me stick to my daily Bible reading during a time in life when it was a struggle was a friend or family member asking, "Did you read the Bible today?" That's why I suggest finding an accountability partner and checking in with each other daily or weekly.

Encourage each other to make Bible reading a priority. Maybe you could even read through the same book of the Bible together and discuss it. Accountability is a powerful tool---use it!

2. Choose a Biblical translation you can understand.

The King James Version isn’t for everyone, neither is the NIV. Choose a translation you can understand so you actually read it.

3. Choose to read the Bible in a different translation occasionally.

This tip is for those of you who have read the Bible so often that it's beginning to feel a little monotonous. You'll be surprised how adding a slightly different flavor may re-spark your enthusiasm.

4. Choose to read smaller portions from different sections of the Bible.

I learned this from my mom, who would read a portion of the Old Testament, a portion from the New Testament, and a portion of Psalms daily. She encouraged me that following her pattern would help me stop avoiding Bible reading when I arrived at the genealogies or Leviticus. When one part of the Bible was a little tedious, I'd also be reading another part that wasn't.

5. Commit to a daily Bible reading plan.

You are already on track with this using this plan!

6. Download the Fire Bible App.

I love this App! It makes reading and studying the Bible so easy!

7. Listen to an Audio Bible.

Hearing the Bible spoken is a different but helpful dynamic. Give it a try!

While these are all helpful tips, there comes a point where we need to stop making excuses, take a cue from Michael Jordan, and "Just Do It."

Start somewhere. Determine that reading God's Word is important in your life, put it at the top of your priority list, and make time to do it.

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